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  Friday, April 04, 2003

  Knowledge management with a small k

Thinking in public - knowledge management with a small k [McGee's Musings]

Think of it as knowledge management with a small k. The wave of solutions offered under the rubric of knowledge management prior to weblogs was largely driven by vendors with a centralized, top-down, organization centric view of the problem. At best they were attempting to solve the problem of knowledge management (whatever that might be) from the perspective of the organization, not the perspective of the knowledge workers doing the knowledge work. A good portion of the resistance to these knowledge management efforts is sensible resistance to extra work that has no demonstrable payoff for me as a knowledge worker.

  Wanted: RSS subscriptions -> customised HTML page

Jay Cross shares Stephen Downes' Edu_RSS.

Now I want it even more: tool that can show recent posts from a list of subscriptions as html page. Just simple piece of code that could be added to any web-page. PHPmySubscriptions can be twisted to do so, but it's not perfect yet (my version gives mistakes from time to time).

See also: Making An RSS Feed and RSS Feeds go mainstream via Stephen Downes.

  Radio frustration

Frustrated. Radio doesn't upstream (from 1 April, bad joke) and there is not much help from the community. And now I really need it working for my BlogTalk paper study. Bad luck. Waiting Friday evening to reinstall.

More on: Radio 

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