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KM Summer School 2003: program progress

KM Summer School 2003 program is shaping, but there is still a lot of space for suggestions. So far we are planning for a combination of speakers + selected paper presentations + interactive sessions. We also planned 1/2 day “unplanned”, so we can fill it later based on participant’s interests.

I would be especially interested to have speaker suggestions / papers on the following topics:

  • social network analysis
  • weblogs, wikis and broader on social software
  • role of knowledge workers in KM
  • cases of KM implementations in practice (to be reflected upon with participants)
  • multi/inter/transdisciplinarity in KM: challenges and research methodologies
  • measurement in KM and KM research
  • KM and learning

If you have speaker suggestions, please, let me know ASAP (keep in mind that we don’t have much budget for speakers :), but I would also encourage you to write papers on the topics above. Especially I would be interested to see papers about weblogs, as I’d like to raise this topic during KMSS and I can’t write about it myself (sometimes I have to write papers more directly related to my PhD research 🙂

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2003/04/02.html#a515; comments are here.

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