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  Wednesday, April 02, 2003

  KM Summer School 2003: program progress

KM Summer School 2003 program is shaping, but there is still a lot of space for suggestions. So far we are planning for a combination of speakers + selected paper presentations + interactive sessions. We also planned 1/2 day "unplanned", so we can fill it later based on participant's interests.

I would be especially interested to have speaker suggestions / papers on the following topics:

  • social network analysis
  • weblogs, wikis and broader on social software
  • role of knowledge workers in KM
  • cases of KM implementations in practice (to be reflected upon with participants)
  • multi/inter/transdisciplinarity in KM: challenges and research methodologies
  • measurement in KM and KM research
  • KM and learning

If you have speaker suggestions, please, let me know ASAP (keep in mind that we don't have much budget for speakers :), but I would also encourage you to write papers on the topics above. Especially I would be interested to see papers about weblogs, as I'd like to raise this topic during KMSS and I can't write about it myself (sometimes I have to write papers more directly related to my PhD research :)

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  KM Summer School 2003: Call for papers

We are progressing with KM Summer School (7–12 September 2003, San Sebastian, Spain):

KM Summer School 2003 Call for papers - http://www.knowledgeboard.com/item/106109

The Summer School is aimed at researchers at Masters and Ph.D. level and at practitioners with an interest in research. Participants will gain insight into KM models, theories, technologies, learning models, and emerging and existing themes in the KM community of thinking. Research students will have the opportunity to discuss their work with other researchers, academics and practitioners in KM. They will be able to position and validate their work in the context of European KM research and ensure the practical and theoretical usefulness of their results. The pace and depth of the sessions will be adjusted to match the participants’ needs and interests.

Papers will be published in the summer school proceedings and on the KnowledgeBoard web-site. Paper submission deadline is 25 June 2003.

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