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  Wednesday, March 26, 2003


This is late night and I'm in the thinking mode... I think about those things that I want to do when I have time (I have much longer list of things that I have to do :)

  • Collect all the bits I write/talk/present about "how weblogs work?" and "how do I start one?" and make a good story out of it (so next time I link to the story instead of writing it again :)
  • Fix everything around liveTopics: install new version, review the list of topics, add topics to earlier posts, fix templates.
  • Make CSS version of my weblog, give it more personality and make it more usable. I have drafts of my logo-to-be for a couple of month already, but the way from paper to digital format is too difficult and I guess I will have to ask someone to help.
  • Find out how Movable Type works and make a weblog in Russian (I gave up with Ciryllic in Radio). Then invite several Russian colleagues to start their weblogs.
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      Blogging software: looking for suggestions

    Today I made presentation about weblogs to my project team. This resulted in a lot of questions, some enthusiasm and some scepticism. I expected so, I know that I'm "enthusiastic early adopter" and others are different :)

    I guess it's time to work on a more specific proposal. For that I have to make some suggestion about blogging software to use. This is a bit difficult - I'm more familiar with Radio and Blogger , but suspect that they are not a good choice for us. Could you suggest what blogging software fits best the requirements below?

    The requirements I have in  mind:

    • server-based software (not everyone has rights to install new software), running on our intranet server
    • support multiple weblogs and/or multiauthor weblog, RSS feed generation per weblog
    • support multiple categories, RSS feed generation per category
    • commentaries
    • search is very desirable
    • "subscribe by e-mail" is desirable
    • embedded news aggregator is desirable or, another option, something that can aggregate several RSS feed into one HTML page

    To note it somewhere:

    Later: I know that Manila, Movable Type and Drupal fit most of my criteria. I wonder if there is something else.

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