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  Monday, March 17, 2003

  Are k-logs hyped? (2)

Denham Grey comments on Are k-logs hyped?

To be sure the distinction between community and networked individuals is diffuse and there is much overlap. I think you have to look at the 'discourse' - the conversation patterns, the ownership of spaces and containers, the context and power relationships.

Agree that the borders are diffuse and we talk about the same but with different focus: on the social (community space, dialog) or individual (person in relation to others, listening and storytelling) side of it.

I would agree with Sebastian that the unit of analysis depends on your goals. As knowledge worker I have limited opportunity to improve collective spaces I'm involved in, but I can improve my own space for connecting my experiences from those spaces.

Bloggers (bless their collective hearts) are selfish souls at the core - they need to own the space. They tend to be unwilling to venture onto another's turf.

Agree. My reasons to comment in my blog and not somewhere else are:

  • I want it to be captured where I can find it.
  • I want to have a line of my own thinking. Sometimes this means that I brake the line of community discussion - I try to avoid it or at least link to the comment in my blog.

I guess that the need for "my own space" is something very natural for a human being.

Deep dialog happens best when we come together and reciprocate in the same space, when we engage on a level playing field, when we take turns in the development of shared thinking rather than pushing our thoughts out there for everyone to see - hoping to enhance our personal brand.

This distinction is subtle, but important I feel - it is all about equality of publishing rights - not, hey if you do not buy my thoughts, go and start your own blog - rather let's agree to engage around a topic in a space where we have equal control, equal, display rights, equal 'voice'.

I wouldn't make firm connection between the equality of publishing rights and deep dialog. I feel that community norms, real or perceived, could be a bigger problem for engaging into conversation than technical limitations - "I'm not sure if I can post my stupid questions to bother all you experts".

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