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Why not renaming k-logs?

Matt Mover discusses how to call blogging in a corporate context:

So far we have:

  • business journalling
  • knowledge-logging
  • k-logging
  • corporate knowledge recording (from Christian)
  • professional knowledge publishing
  • enterprise weblogging

any more for any more?

I’m not against renaming k-logs, but I have a few concerns/questions.

1. What is wrong with using “K-log”? I’d like to hear arguments (probably I miss them somewhere down in my aggregator 🙂 I guess that the main problem is with explaining it to the people who never heard about it (e.g. busy line managers).

2. What is wrong with other suggested terms:

corporate knowledge recording, enterprise webloggingfocus on organisation, while blogging is personal (nobody records corporate knowledge, only “my own thoughts about it”)

business journalling, corporate knowledge recording, professional knowledge publishing, enterprise webloggingtoo long to be used often without abbreviations. People tend to shorten things (e.g. CoP, KM), so I wonder if abbreviations we will get for those terms will be better then k-log?

lack of flexibility for using it in different contexts. What we have with blogs:

  • bloging (phenomena)
  • blog (product, “see it in my klog”)
  • blogging (process, personal activity, “I started blogging”, “I blogged it yesterday”)
  • blogger (person who does it, “we have five bloggers in our company”)
  • blogosphere (including it all, people + processes + products + more things like unwritten rules)

So, what do we have with most the suggested terms? They address phenomena. Sometimes we can derive term for the product (business journal, corporate knowledge record? professional knowledge what?). It’s more difficult to use it to address personal activity (I professionally published my knowledge yesterday?) or to get right word for the person (business journalist? professional knowledge publisher? enterprise weblogger – the one who does it for the whole company?)

To make it clear – I’m not against renaming, but so far I don’t see the term that can catch up as good as blogging (or k-logging) does. The closest shoot would be “business journalling”, but then we have to refine terminology that can derive from it (people need some words to describe what they were doing).

And finally – if there is anyone there with knowledge about birth, spreading and “institutionalisation” of new words? I wonder how it goes usually (probably we can leave blogs and klogs and just have to wait till more people will start using them).

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2003/03/03.html#a480; comments are here.

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