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  Thursday, February 27, 2003

  Teaching experiences: past and future

Played with Vivisimo search engine [via Seb's Open Research] that clusters documents next to search, did ego searching, had fun. Found a lot of artefacts of my teaching in Russia: web-based training course web-site, students' projects (I loved this one - Web usability for HRs).  Got nostalgic :)

If things go right I might get into distance teaching: KM course for Russian HR practitioners. Definitely I'm thinking about using blogs. Does anyone has experience of using blogs next to LMS/course environment?


  BlogTalk proposal submitted

Ready! I submitted BlogTalk proposal and posted it on-line as well - Blogs: the stickiness factor.

In this paper I intend to apply the framework I try to develop in my PhD research (no references yet) to compare bloggers and "would be bloggers". When I hope to find what inhibits adoption of blogs by "would be bloggers" and suggest what can be done about it.

Many of the points that I'm going to touch are discussed in the blogosphere, so I don't expect to find many new ideas. I'd like to get a snapshot of practice to see if we are right or there is something missing.

Next steps:

  • finish and review the questionnaire
  • get answers (could be a challenging task to find "would be adopters :)
  • find appropriate writing style
  • analyse-write-revise
  • make a page with extra resources and references

I also hope to find something to answer Matt Mover's questions about klogging context 

Expanding on my thoughts of a couple of days ago I am still wondering:  What is the specific context in which someone who is not a k-log enthusiat, believer, etc... will actually use a k-log?

  Difficult writing for BlogTalk

I thought it would be easier... I'm struggling to find the right tone for the BlogTalk proposal. From one side I tend to speak blogging language and to use "I" as I would do in my blog. From another side, I'm writing a paper, so I'm falling into academic writing style. I guess it's because I try to put together my passion and more objective "data-analysis-conclusions" style...

Next to it it’s not clear for me do I write for the web or for print? In the first case I can rely heavily on links (blogging style), while in the second text has to be more self-explaining (paper style). What do I do with references? Do I link to “The Tipping point” (and others) or should I provide proper reference? Now it’s only proposal, but I have to make choices for the final version. May be I will end up with having extended version with all “background” links in my blog and referring to it from the paper.

The worst thing is that I still have to collect the data :) The good thing is that the questionnaire is almost ready, in the blogosphere things go fast and I don't need everything to submit proposal :)))

More on: blogs writing 

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