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  Friday, February 07, 2003

  Bibliography on social networks

One more from paper hunting search: Social Network References (Academic Bibliography)

  IBM research papers on communities, learning and more

Trying to find a paper on-line gives you a lot of other interesting things. So, I came accross public papers of IBM Watson Research Center. These are some I'd like to check out:

  • 02-07 Understanding the Individual, Community and Organizational Benefits of Work-Based Communities
  • 02-01 Understanding the Benefits and Costs of Communities of Practice
  • 01-06 The Dynamics of Social Interaction in a Geography-based Online Community
  • 01-03 Social Construction of Knowledge and Authority in Business Communities and Organizations
  • 00-07 Coming to the Crossroads of Knowledge, Learning, and Technology: Integrating Knowledge Management and Workplace Learning
  • 00-06 New Workplace Learning Technologies: Activities and Exemplars
  • 00-05 Designing Learning: Cognitive Science Principles for the Innovative Organization

  Blogging for money?

Denham Grey comments on Matching?:

Blogging for money, love, attention and branding misses the sweet spot IMO.

Somehow using blogging for personal branding does not seem very ethical or authentic in the long term.

Posting links, original commentary, personal thoughts and reflections with the intention of helping others and in the true spirit of knowledge sharing, seems a more valuable exercise.

I agree that best blogs I read are written "in the true spirit of knowledge sharing", do it's not very likely that blogs with main goals of making money woud catch a lot of attention. But what's wrong with branding or money as a side effect? Blogging is not pushing, but giving others an opportunity to pull and make their choices.

Terry Frazier adds (see comments to this post):
More importantly, blogging is painfully transparent and self-limiting in regard to how self-serving it can be. A few short posts can reveal the underlying approach of the author. Those who fail to add value are unlikely to gain a helpful brand, love, or anything else they seek.
More on: blogging etiquette 

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