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  Friday, January 31, 2003

  Purple cows and further connections

Phil Wolff points to In Praise of the Purple Cow, which is about standing out of the crowd and marketing. This book is written by Seth Godin (he wrote Unleashing the Ideavirus too). Seth gives a summary:

  • Sell what people are buying
  • Focus on the early adopters and sneezers
  • Make it remarkable enough for them to pay attention
  • Make it easy for them to spread
  • Let it work its own way to the mass market

  • This is quite in-line with The Tipping Point that I'm reading. BTW, this summary by Robert Paterson will save me a lot of time as now I'm not going to write it myself.

    Something that triggers me currently:

    Connectors, mavens, and salesmen make it possible for innovations to connect with the early adopters. They are translators: they make ideas and information from a highly specialized world and translate them into a language the rest of us can understand. They drop extraneous details and exaggerate other details so that the message itself acquires a deeper meaning.

    So, next to the things I have to do for my work I want to connect these pieces with change management and then apply them to "KM introduction" case.


    Google dating [a klog apart]

    So let me bring this back to a few of my themes:
    1. Weblogs are handy for branding. For work. And for life. Casting your self upon the marketplace of ideas.  
    2. A blog's links show, build, and exercise social networks. Google likes this.
    3. Matching engines scoring compatibility of every combination in an n-n space. Zippy, where Oracle grinds to a halt. ELISE, iXmatch, NCorp, Triplehop, Burning Glass. But they need at least partially structured data.
    4. RSS 2.0 supports adding structure. 
      • Personal profiles: I want [love, romance, security, walks in the park], I offer [conversation, laughs, cuddling].   
      • Professional profiles: I want [work near me, comp plan X, benefits Y], I offer [ability A, experience B, skills C, reputation D]. Traditionally packaged as résumés, CVs, and career profiles.

    So if you want love and money, build tools that add structure to blogs, RSS, and RSS readers.

    More on: blogs networking 

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