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Bicultural leaders, change and synchronicity

It’s always funny to see synchronicity. Yesterday I borrowed The Dance of Change, so now I open it in the middle and see this piece (p.328):

The most effective local leaders seem to be those who learn to “live in two worlds” — the world of their innovative subculture and the world of the mainstream culture of the larger organisation. They realise that innovative practices need “incubators” to develop and that, to some degree, these new practices must be protected. But they also value the knowledge developed through experience that resides in the mainstream culture. They seek to cultivate both, and they do so by developing their own abilities to be effective in both environments.

In a sense they become “bicultural”, just like someone who lives in two countries with very different cultures. They become adept at crossing the numerous, often subtle, cultural divides between the two worlds. […] Perhaps most important, they continually develop their awareness of the boundaries between these different worlds, knowing when they are in which domain and what it requires of them.

One more comes from browsing Blogs and education: Factors Inhibiting Change. I’d like to comment on it, but I should go and pack my suitcase to get ready to my flight tomorrow morning.

But it’s really funny: once you ask a question it seems that the whole universe is busy to give you answers.

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