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  Wednesday, December 11, 2002

  Digital portfolio day

Funny. Today is Digital portfolio day:

Sebastian Fiedler comments on The Electronic Portfolio Boom:

Right on, David. Why should electronic portfolios contain only the polished, completed products of a learner? Why shouldn't they also document the struggles of individual knowledge construction?

Then my referers page brings the answer: Building Digital Portfolios in On-line Distance Education course, which requires students to prepare digital portfolio that "consists of both of collection finished tasks and of a learning journal - a weblog that each student keeps through the course".

It worth checking for the collection of links about digital portfolios and weblogs in education. I didn't check all of them, but at least one is going to be printed tomorrow: Blogs: Personal e-learning spaces (.pdf):

this report seeks to understand what the blog "revolution" is about, and whether it has application in learning and teaching.
It was also nice to find link to my own post in the reading list :)

  Plan for 2003: follow your passion

OLDaily comments on How To Succeed in 2003:

Here's a better plan: find something you're really interested in, learn as much as you can about it, and start working on it. Don't worry about the money, the money will come. Invest your time and your energy in your passion, not your job - reinvent your job if you have to, or plan to leave it if you can't.

More on: future passion 

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