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  Monday, December 09, 2002

  Quaerere Dialog

If you wonder there is Special Interest Group on KM Research - Quaerere, I have an answer: it's growing.

I'm one of the four members of Quaerere Interface Team (officially SIG editors ;) I hope to write more about my experiences with supporting this group. So far I'm too busy to finish my work before I can leave for Quaerere Dialog in Brussels.

I'm looking forward to see how far we can go in finding new ways of cooperation between KM researchers. I'm looking for conversations, stories, emerging networks and organic learning and I hope that budgets, deadlines and "political concerns" will not stop us from enjoying our discoveries.

More on: KM Quaerere 

  Discovering organic learning

Sebastian Fiedler reflects on his learning from blogs around:

What I find so fascinating is that while these individuals surely follow their very personal agendas and purposes, they also create "value" for other people as a mere byproduct of their own learning activities...

[...] You never know who will stumble across your musings. You never know who will take time to respond or comment. You never know who will cite your stuff. You never know whose thinking you might influence... This is an exciting new era for self-organized learners. And this is something completely different from all the "e-Learning" bla bla we have been bored with over the last few years.

This is in line with my recent thinking about the power of organic things... It seems that we are constantly discovering our natural ways to communicate and learn. Both knowledge management and learning fields look how to make things more effective, but all those that really add value and "stick" are about our roots and our organic behaviours.

So, we are on the long way of discovering organic learning. It gives the same feeling as sailing with the wind. 

In reminds me about KnowledgeBoard "working as fun" workshop: it's too late to write my impressions now, but I'll come back to it as it has triggered several ideas and book orders :)

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