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  Thursday, December 05, 2002

  Effects of not blogging

A couple of weeks back I realized the drawback of moving Radio to my home computer: now I'm totally dependent on having Internet connection at home. On 20 November big fire erased half of one University of Twente buildings and local computer center hosted there. Both my office and my home connections were lost, but while work connections were restored next day, I had to wait till yesterday to log in from home.

Those two weeks have shown me how blogging-addicted I became. I use remote access to my home computer and blog heavily from work, documenting my searching, reading and thinking. Blogging from home is much less, at my free time I focus more on changing and fine-tuning my blog and trying out new features. I found out that blogging is becoming an integrated part of my work and I missed a lot during last two weeks.

I didn't put much effort in documenting several excellent articles I was reading because I couldn't share them instantly. I didn't read most of my usual "RSS reads" and feel a bit lost not knowing what is "hot" in my neighbourhood. I wasn't able to share links I consider relevant for "my blogging community". And if you think that it saved me more time to work, you are wrong: I was less productive than usual :)

This break was good to reflect on the value of blogging for me, but now I'm back and I'm going to catch up.

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