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  Wednesday, October 30, 2002

  Google cooking

Google Cooking Actually Works Now. Type in a few ingredients...  [a klog apart]

  Sin of indifference

[Quotes of the Day] George Bernard Shaw:

The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essense of inhumanity.

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  E-learning is not important

Great link from elearningpost:


In his trademark entertaining way, Jay Cross point s to the real benefit of eLearning--its in the DOING and not just in the LEARNING. Organizations don’t benefit much if employees perform at the same standards after going through 'learning' experiences. http://www.meta-time.com/Learning/presentations/eLearning-not-important.html

Nothing really new for me, but this presentation is great to introduce e-learning :)

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  Why blogging 2

I realised that I can't wait to answer why do I blog? :)

I always need a conversation for growing my ideas. This is the main reason I blog. Even if no one comments, blogging makes it a conversation: I come to the idea next day and I can discuss it with "yesterday's Lilia" :) Of course, articulation helps growing ideas as well.

Another reason to blog is to make some free space in my memory: I can easily come back to it later. The Social Life of Paper says it well in describing the use of paper by air-traffic controllers:

By writing on the strips, they can off-load information, keeping their minds free to attend to other matters.

I also blog to keep a feeling of “coffee-table dialog” with my far-away colleagues: “You know, I’ve just read this article and was triggered with these ideas. What do you think?”

These were the reasons to start blogging. Later I discovered other great things:

  • blogging builds my own (customised! :) network of like-minded people without almost any effort from me
  • it is great for filtering links
  • it improves my English
  • it gives me a better face on-line that any profile I could think about (it allows googling me as well)
  • it's easier to search than any other "notes" I make
  • more nice things in the story about blogs in research by Sébastien Paquet

I post when I feel like it (often) and when I have time (not always). Sometimes I don't post things I'd like to because of confidentiality (something internal) or copyright reasons (blogging conference if presenters are not aware of me blogging). I hope that those two problems will be solved soon with conference blogging becoming usual and my work to encourage internal blogging pilot :)

And finally, as "David" says:

blogging is like a loving sexual relationship - you just do not realize how rich and rewarding it is until you have experienced it


  Why blogging

Ton Zijlstra starts a discussion at Knowledge Board about Conversations, blogs and related musings. He asks bloggers: 

So my questions to you are: Why do you have a blog? What does it bring you? How do you decide on what to blog and what not?

I'm leaving those questions till the evening, but probably you would be interested to add your own views

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