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Workshop: The role of conversation in KM

David Gurteen is leading on-line workshop The role of conversation in KM. Let’s see if I can participate and blog at the same time 🙂

Nice that on-line workshop has the same quality as face-to-face one for the unexpected: I met Ton Zijlstra whom I wanted to contact because I saw from his Knowledge Board profile that he is from the same city as me.

Bits of ideas:

Annette Leslie gives an idea of “the tool is paper based and uses visual language (text graphics and pictures) to update the status of projects and is displayed in corridors and coffee areas to encourage socialisation around organisational learning“. Great! Another way for distributed conversation.

Helen Baxter: “Someone mentioned ways of capturing conversations. My partner and I have been working in the garden, with headsets and minidiscs and recording brainstorming sessions. We can then convert them to text using Dragon Dictate without having to touch a keep board or look at a monitor. It’s great.

An idea that temporary workers should be knowledge workers by default 🙂

Something from another day discussion which poped-up again: “people are the best search engines”.

Something to think about: the role of consciously trying to unlearn something in a conversation.

My summary

a good conversation = trust + (history: people and topics->) context + open emotions + questions that invite everyone to participate (<- reflection)

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