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Klogging services

Matt Mower is working out his offer on klogging services in Can you see the light?

Well I’ve seen the light ladies and gentlemen. In the time left to me, before the great job in the sky beckons, my approach shall be:

  • Klogging as an applied business tool. How much money will this save you today, tomorrow, this week, next week
  • 1 problem at a time
  • I am providing consultancy, implementation and product. I may not look like a consultant but I know how many beans make 5. Also this is a non-existant market, there’s nobody else doing this stuff to make me look bad.

Only when I’ve got some success from this approach will I broaden it out, leveraging case studies and satisfied customers. Sound sensible?

It’s difficult to sell the service than nobody knows what is blog. I would tackle it as change management idea. People would like to see what it is and how it works and why it’s better. So I would start with making something to show.

For example, there is a community of KM kloggers. Just imagine that we are sitting in one company and someone wants to have an overview what’s going on – topics, discussions, most cited references. There is no way you can do it (KMpings give only current view about who is writing what). This could be the case: get people involved, create an infrastucture, prove that it works, get your example to show…

Other “small” services for the end-kloggers I thought about:

  • personalisation – I want my blog to be able to do this or to look like that, but I don’t want to get into all those technical details – could you help me?
  • technical coaching – I need some advice how to install or configure it – could you be my personal “helpdesk”?
  • language coaching – Blogs for developing language skills

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