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  Tuesday, October 22, 2002

   [From Sift maillist (to be fair I don't remember when I subscribed :)]

Sift Tips 11: Writing great content for the web

Writing effective text for the Web is more than just stringing words together and hoping for the best. Yes, you need to convey information, but if you really want to capture the interest and engagement of your users and members, the text needs to do much more. Ideally, you want your writing to:
  • attract their attention
  • grab their interest
  • pull them into the content
  • add real value to their work
  • make then want to register or return, and
  • increase their sense of trust in your community.

Nothing really new for me, but nice as a link for a couple of people.

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  My Radio wish list

"Phil" comes with long list of My Top Five Blue Sky Radio Wishes.

My priority list is much shorter [I took some of Phil's items]:

Personally, I would love to have Radio being able to handle Cyrillic. Now I can't post for my family, friends and Russian colleagues. But the worst thing is that I can't recommend Radio to them.

We are thinking about starting a klognet pilot, so I want these two as well:

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