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News aggregator attic

Sometimes I hate my news aggregator: I’m too busy to read it all and even more busy to comment. So I have a lot of “interesting bits” staying in the list for ages. But sometimes it’s good. I come to an “old, uncommented post” and see it from new perspective. Like old letters found in the attic…

Seb’s Open Research pointers to Digital Dashboards, Dirty Dishes, Messy Desk, Workspaces and Web Logs. I found this piece there (bold is mine):

Knowledge workers need to develop and maintain situational awareness. Situational awareness works on three levels. First is receiving and perceiving information. Aggregation is nice here. Second, conceiving and comprehending what the information means and how it fits together to form indicators of your present situation. The third and where I think Ray excels is projection, prefiguring, putting your comprehension to work resulting in the ability predict what’s next, for Air Traffic Controllers it may be as little as five minutes for Ray Ozzie and Dave Winer it may be five or ten years. For this reason it has been said that Ray in the form of Groove and Dave in the form of Frontier/Radio have prefigured many future software applications still unknown to us today.

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2002/10/21.html#a292; comments are here.

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