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  Saturday, October 19, 2002

   Special TechLearn Briefing on Blended Learning [video and more here; via recent TechLearn TRENDS]

Elliott Masie speaks about blended learning developments of last couple of years and defines three directions for the discussion:

  • the need for instructional design models for blended learning
  • lack of tools and systems that can support it
  • business case for blended learning

Nice to see this discussion started. But I'm more interested to look at the learner's role in "blending":

...the learner consumes a single method, a classroom, an online, a book, and then they go and they turn it into a Blended Learning experience by their own informal actions. They talk to a peer. They go to another class. They take something online. They do a practice. They read some supporting manuals.

I don't believe that even "new" instructional design methods can predict and embed into a system all learner's choices. I believe in empowering learners to make those choices. As a technology support I would like to see "personal learning management" and "personal knowledge management" tools.

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