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Killer-app: tool for just-in-time learning

Seb’s Open Research in Connecting individual people is the killer app:

Wetware. Britt Blaser describes the next killer app:

I need an index of “amateur” experts with proven track records who are available immediately for high per-minute rates which I only pay when I’m satisfied, which means they have to be confident that I’ll be reasonably satisfied. So we also need a reputation engine in addition to an expert index. They need to be “amateurs” for the same reason that the best bloggers are amateurs….

Britt is involved with Xpertweb, which looks quite interesting. [Kumquat’s Musings]

The picture on the right comes from the Xpertweb site. Simplicity itself speaking. Although I’d have drawn the arrows in the opposite direction. It starts from you. You sense a need, you think about it, you articulate it, then you pretty much know what you need. But you don’t know how to do it. You find a trusted expert who’ll do it. The result comes back to you. Everyone is happy.

I think we need to develop tools both for figuring out needs and for finding experts. Such tools are likely to coevolve.

(1) Sometimes I want trusted expert who can do it (fast!), but in other cases I want trusted expert who will teach me how to do it myself (better for the future).

(2) I would like a bit more, for example knowledge-searching engine that points me to different knowledge sources

  • people (who can do it for me or who can help me to learn it)
  • communities/discussions
  • documents
  • courses
  • books

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