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  Thursday, October 03, 2002

  Evolution of thinking

Sébastien Paquet summarises his thinking about blogs in research in story on Personal knowledge publishing and its uses in research.

Uses of personal knowledge publishing for research:
  • Helping in selecting material
  • Visible web of interpersonal trust
  • Managing personal knowledge
  • Obtaining speedy feedback on ideas
  • Facilitating connections between researchers
  • Clustering content relating to emerging fields
  • Fostering diversity
  • Opening up windows in the Ivory Tower(s)

I like this story not only for the good quality content that provokes thinking and saves time of trying to explain "blogs" to my colleagues, but also for one more thing. For me, as a regular reader of Seb's Open Research it illustrates the evolution of thinking: I recognise "bits of ideas" that I've seen before, and I'm fascinated to see how they emerge into a whole. What could be better for the "researcher-to-be" than observing how someone's thought grows?

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  Blogs are petri dishes for knowledge

Thanks to Gurteen Knowledge-Log for this one: blogs are Petri dishes for knowledge

Originally came from We Blog:

Weblogs spread memes like no other medium. More ideas are being pushed around the network of minds connected by blogs than any other set of communications. It is like a petri dish for knowledge.

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  Need to go beyond the content...

One day I will redesign my blog. So, far Brilliant Corners is the best example of kind of visibility and layout I want. With this background please :)

To be fair: I expect to get nice present in few days (why not for my birthday?) - a domain with hosting. I'm thinking about it and I have million of questions...

I want something that can expand in the future, with easy web-based editing, preferably by several editors. Easy to change design, easy to export to other applications. May be a company web-site one day (who knows :)

Now I have only Radio and a lot of questions. Two main are:

  • should I go for something ready-made (like Manila) or have it custom-made (my husband promised to help :)
  • how I'm supposed to move my blog from radio.weblogs.com to my own domain?

I don't have to struggle with it now, but I will have to confront them from Monday on. I'm afraid of all those questions: I'm just someone how creates content and I'm not ready to dive into technology so much :(

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Tacit knowledge provides the meaning, explicit knowledge is the carrier. Same process, different mediums, slightly different interpretations (we are not machines). [KM in a nutshell]
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