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  Wednesday, October 02, 2002


This link was open on my desktop for a couple of days, so I forgot its source.  www.shouldexist.org is a nice way to collect ideas that may turn into new products or projects. Something similar can subsctitute companies' "suggestion boxes".

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  How to write usability report

How to write usability report by Bruce Tognazzini:

  • The opening paragraph
    • Say something nice in the opening paragraph
    • Make the benefits explicit
  • Headings
    • In observational reviews, outline improvement ideas, not criticisms
    • In usability study reports, use simple topic headings
  • Content
    • Know the product's or service's users
    • Know your readers
    • Accentuate the positive, but deliver the news
    • Don't overreach
    • When in doubt, recommend testing
    • Check your grammar and spelling
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  e-learning ballons: Learner at work!

TechLearn TRENDS #245:

e-Learning Balloons: One of our readers wrote in about their attempt to help e-Learners with some privacy during real-time sessions. Their company has made up a set of printed balloons, that say Learner At Work! They blow them up and tie them to cubicles or chairs during longer on-line sessions. They report it helps with both privacy and also publicizing the growing rate of e-Learning in their area. Of course, some learners are also inhaling a bit of the helium and changing their voice sound during on-line chats.
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  Too many RSS feeds

I'm subsribed to too many RSS feeds: I don't have time to keep up. So, I have to options: (1) to learn how to scan them without in-depth reading or commenting, or (2) unsubscribe and leave only some of them (preferably those that filter the rest :)

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  Added value of knowledge sharing

Small example: I was commenting in the discussion about corporate universities and thought of recommending a book (Beyond Training and Development by William J. Rothwell). While searching for it I found this summary, which is a good help not only for those without the book, but for myself as well. One page up I found this list of KM/e-learning book summaries and I'm already busy printing :).

You never know what waits for you when you answer someone's question!

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