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You just don’t know what you’ll want to know down the road

Weblogs and Firm-wide Knowledge Management by Seb’s Open Research (bold is mine)

I’d missed this nice piece on law K-logging by Rick Klau the first time around. I believe that Rick’s observations easily generalize to pretty much any knowledge-intensive field. Here’s a point worth reiterating:

you just don’t know what you’ll want to know down the road […]

This is where I think a number of current KM initiatives at law firms have fallen short: they are too structured and require too much effort on the part of the individual to contribute useful information. Weblogs, at their core, are simple tools for the collection of information. Because the architecture behind the scenes is explicitly built to encourage linking, publication of posts and sharing of relevant information, once that information is collected it is easily distributed throughout the organization.”

I don’t want to think about synchronicity any more: it’s proven to exist a lot of times. I was discussing it today with a colleague.

Analysing where and what knowledge is needed will help to optimise, but will not help to change as we don’t know what we’ll want to know down the road. We have to connect and empower people for creating and sharing knowledge and then rely on self-organisation. May be steer a bit…

And in a very strange way this connected with something totally else from my RSS subscriptions: We can’t predict the future. (context: Tara Sue takes Aim via John Robb’s Radio Weblog).

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