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  Tuesday, September 03, 2002

  KMSS02: Day 2. Communities of practice

User profile: you can make open only two things: contact details and contribution. You can't (formally) add "CV experiences" because of the legal rules (trade unions), so you have to rely on people voluntarily adding information about their experiences. Then you run into cultural problem - "if I'm the only one visible expert, everyone will call me and I will not be able to do my work".

Large vs. small communities. If trust relationships could be only developed in a group up to 150 people, can we call the group of thousands "a community"? Are we talking about different types of communities that evolve/work according different rules and that can contribute to the different business needs? I'd like to look for more background reading about it. (ask for the research done).

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  KMSS02: Day 1 follow-up

An observation: best discussions happen when you don't have pen and paper, around a dinner table or in a bar. Next morning you come back and try to capture them, but not much left. I wonder, probably the value of this discussions not in their result (something to be captured), but in learning experiences you go through. Few more useful bits:

  • Thigs to find and to read
  • Questions to think about
    • If KM is so context-specific, could it be researched in a scientific sense (fixed variables and repeatable conditions)? Could I run into a situation when I would have to omit important variables? Something to look for in the research methodologies.
    • Does organisational learning exist? Not as a result of knowledge flows in the networks of people in a company, but as something else?

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