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  Thursday, August 29, 2002

  Before it will get too long :)

Don't know why I was waiting for the whole day to do it: I'm subscribed to almost all the blogs and could see it growing. 

More mobius blogging.

My contribution to the thread...

Mobius blogging.

I'm in, but just because Joe recently did and McGee usually will blog an entire post of mine. I wonder if Alwin can come out to play?

Life in the Aggregator.

An Experiment: Life in the Aggregator. How far can it travel?  Please play by passing it along, including all source links... [jenett.radio]

I'm willing to play

The trick with this one would be not just settling for a lame-o "me, too" response as this meme continues, and remembering to leave your own breadcrumb link. I suspect that may become harder as it grows...[gRadio]

This activity fascinates me...and makes me think I need to come up with a standard for referencing the content of others. I have all too often seen posts on a weblog that I believed to be by the weblog maintainer, only to find out later that they had simply entered an entire post from someone else's blog on theirs. [Stand Up Eight]

Agree, I want to have quotation agreements as well.

  Blogs to improve writing

Klogs can improve the value of what you write as a follow-up for this post 

But there are other options, for example a Radio weblog with liveTopics adds another dimension for relating posts together to create a train of thought.  You can follow a topic from a post into a table of contents where you can see other posts referencing that topic.  You can also see, for each post, other topics that were associated with it allowing you to hop from one subject of conversation to another.

I saw liveTopics and I'm curious to try... After coming back from KMSS.

  Audio blogging

Here's a scenario:
For each blog post (my scipt) I record my words and attach them to the posting.
On my weblog, read the posting, or click to hear me read it for you. "Perhaps You'd like to hear all of today's updates?" [Adam Curry about audio blogging]

Something to do with yesterday's ideas of voice recognition as an input (e.g. for a blog).

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  Business blogs: consulting

John Robb's Radio Weblog:

This is something I posted last November on K-Logs:  "Consultants and K-Logs"

He suggests two ideas of blogs in consulting:

  • blogging + RSS as a service (e.g. industry reports)
  • blog as a log of consultant's activities and discoveries in a company
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  Pull vs. push strategies for sharing knowledge

Yesterday I shared my blogging experience with a colleague. She asked why people would blog ideas rather than share them in a community. When I realised a couple of things:

  • Blog is mine. I feel free to express myself there. I capture ideas and make them availiable for others. It's their choice to visit or subscribe.
  • I don't have this comfort with e-mail or on-line communities: often I'm not sure how relevant is the message, and I don't want to overload others with that.

Recently someone wrote about it, but my own feeling came only yesterday.


Quotes of the Day

Whenever I'm caught between two evils, I take the one I've never tried. Mae West

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  Teaching and knowledge sharing (3): coaching and knowledge sharing

I came from a presentation of friend's Master  project with an idea: coaching is much better term then teaching for teaching vs. knowledge sharing discussion.

She also had some interesting ideas about skills for knowledge sharing. I hope to read her thesis and write a summary.

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