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  Monday, August 26, 2002

  Blended Learning Models

Blended Learning Models by Purnima Valiathan - includes ideas and lessons plans for blended learning in three different flavours (bold is mine):

  • skill-driven learning, which combines self-paced learning with instructor or facilitator support to develop specific knowledge and skills
  • attitude-driven learning, which mixes various events and delivery media to develop specific behaviors
  • competency-driven learning, which blends performance support tools with knowledge management resources and mentoring to develop workplace competencies.

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  Budget KM

The 99 cent KM solution (via elearningpost): David Weinberger advocates simple KM solutions: mailing lists, personal pages, blogs, and suggests ideas for using them.

A couple of pieces I like:

...I am not opposed to big, expensive, all-embracing KM solutions. I'm just suspicious of them. There is a difference. And I get more suspicious of them as they promise to automate more. On the other hand, the ones that offer to put me in touch with more people bring a rosy glow of happiness to my face...

...By the way, not only allow but encourage the creation of "off topic" mailing lists. The world is so connected that nothing is off topic any more...

...Then there are the non-digital ways of encouraging the creation and sharing of knowledge. Leaving office doors open. Weekly pizza parties. Brown bag lunchtime lectures by employees on what they care about. A free library with monthly book club meetings. Learning to listen. Shutting up once in a while...

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  Blogging for Dollars

Blogging for Dollars (via elearningpost) discusses corporate blogging, gives an example of marketing team blogging, and points to two business blogging products.

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  InFORMing I came to Doc Searls weblog via John Robb and then I found this piece:

A few weeks ago, when I was talking with Tim O'Reilly about the patent mess, we deconstructed the noun information. Clearly it derives from the verb inform, which derives from the verb form.

So in conversation, we observed, we don't just "deliver information" back and forth. We form each other. When I learn something new from you, and what I learn is meaningful -- that is, I can't forget it -- you have literally formed me. In other words, we are authors of each other. What's more, we are in the market to be formed. We demand it. Otherwise we wouldn't learn a damn thing [this post]

Something to do with yesterday's discussion about forming vs. training/developing. Calls other discussions as well.

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