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Seb’s Open Research in Matt Mower: klogging = Tacit Knowledge Publishing:

… Then it occurred to me to cut to the chase:

klogging = Tacit Knowledge Publishing

This captures both the personal element that I think is so important, and the collaborative element. It also supports the storytelling metaphor which I am coming around to in a big way. [Curiouser and curiouser!]

This resonates well with the conversation I’m having with Lilia and Anders (here’s Gurteen’s take). Talk about synchronicity…

For me have always been the criteria to find people “on the same wave”. Being teenager I was impressed that once you find someone you happy to talk with, you will find similar interests as well: believes, books, music, places… The best thing is that the circle of interests is never the same, and you can find new things that kind of “preselected” according to your own interests.

This is like defining a set of interesting books by “Amazon”‘s “customers who bought this book also bought”…

…like reading blogs of people “on the same wave”…

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