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  Thursday, August 22, 2002

  Learning and knowledge sharing: two sides of the same coin?

Follow-up thinking from previous post.

Sometimes I catch myself wishing to do some kind of teaching (training, coaching). Although I’m in research now, previous few years of helping others to learn has impacted me badly. I miss it, and I use any opportunity to do it even as an extra workload.

I was curious about a driving force behind it. I thought about this energy and excitement I get when people are growing with my help, but this was not explaining the whole. Now it gets clear: this is my own way to learn. It also explains why I’m not so eager to give the same course more than three times: probably this is enough to understand.

I wonder what connections exist between learning and teaching, or, in KM context, between learning and sharing. Are those who dare to share and eager to learn are the same people? Are these two sides of the same coin? May be it’s a coincidence in my case :-)

  Why asking commitment to teach someone works well?

From David Gurteen comments to Uncovering the implicit (a bit late to notice :-)

One of the things that Stephen Covey does before a workshop is to get the members of the audience to commit to teaching within the next week or so - the material they are about to learn - as this changes their mindset when they are learning becuase they know they need to understand it well if they are to teach it and they will furthr consolidate that learning wehn they come to teach it ... there is probably a good reference or quote from Stephen somewhere - I will look out for one ...

First, as David says it helps to get more serious attitude towards learning. Next, it helps with learning transfer and application, as teaching someone else

  • requires to come back to the material and to do it in the work settings (why it works)
  • requires being a role model and gives extra motivation for practicing
  • creates a group of people “talking one language”, which makes it easier to apply new knowledge and skills rather than simply returning to the old habits.

So powerful! Definitely something to use in my practice.


Seb's Open Research in Matt Mower: klogging = Tacit Knowledge Publishing:

... Then it occurred to me to cut to the chase:

klogging = Tacit Knowledge Publishing

This captures both the personal element that I think is so important, and the collaborative element. It also supports the storytelling metaphor which I am coming around to in a big way. [Curiouser and curiouser!]

This resonates well with the conversation I'm having with Lilia and Anders (here's Gurteen's take). Talk about synchronicity...

For me have always been the criteria to find people "on the same wave". Being teenager I was impressed that once you find someone you happy to talk with, you will find similar interests as well: believes, books, music, places... The best thing is that the circle of interests is never the same, and you can find new things that kind of "preselected" according to your own interests.

This is like defining a set of interesting books by "Amazon"'s "customers who bought this book also bought"…

...like reading blogs of people “on the same wave”...

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  Gurteen Knowledge Cafe - going virtual?

Gurteen Knowledge Cafe. Well the invite has just gone out to the first meeting of my [Knowledge Cafe].

[...]The meeting is on Thursday 5th September 6:30pm - 8:00pm at the Strand Palace Hotel in central London.

It doesn't take much to travel to London, but I need a visa :))) There is another KM club in Moscow, I don't need a visa, but it's too far. Probably, there is a KM club in the Netherlands, but my Dutch is far from being good.

Those face-to-face meetings are so powerful... I wonder if virtual cafe would work? Otherwise I have to find other ways for networking. By blogging?

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  KM Summer School, conference blogging and vacation

I'm going to KM Summer School in a couple of weeks. I like the way they prepare the event: apart from taking care of all the formalities, the discussion is started at Knowledge Board for exchanging improductions and expectations.

From my expectations:

I’m starting a PhD, so most of my expectations from KMSS are related to it. I would like to look for possible connections between KM and formal learning initiatives (e.g. between communities and training programs), and to discuss what kind of research in this area is needed and feasible. Next to it, I’m looking for improving my “KM literacy”: getting more systematic view on KM concepts, practices, and key players.

I'm going to continue blogging from France, at least as far as my "mail-to-weblog" will work. I'm not sure that I can keep my PC working all this time.

I wish Radio would have an opportunity for server-based blogging - at least for a few days of conference. If we talk about klogs for knowlegde sharing, what could be better than instant posting of conference notes? 

Next to it I hope to find some time to get a bit of tend: I'm living in RainyLand and I didn't manage to have vacation this summer. I'm going to catch up with taking a week off after the conference. Nice combination to get back to work: new ideas and new contacts from KMSS combined with sun, sea and new impressions... Counting days...

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