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  Friday, August 16, 2002

  Klogging roles Klogging roles via Matt Mower
    1. Catalyst. Alpha blogger. Someone who klogs well, leads by example, provokes and inspires others to join a klogging community. If you've used Blogtree, naming your inspirations, you know what I mean.
    2. Coach. The person who helps newbies, builds internal FAQs, nurtures laggards, acknowledges great posts. Soft skills, communication and social skills, are not evenly distributed. The coach helps everyone join and get better. Chief metablogger.
    3. Armorer. Works with IT to develop configs, scripts, integration with enterprise apps and messaging services. Power macros. Engaging templates. Technologist and architect.
    4. Practice leader. Informal leaders of subcultures in larger organizations. The one in legal who drives the whole department to start klogging. The rep in the Cincinatti sales office who gets her colleagues to start customer-specific blogs. Watch for lists of like-minded colleagues. They may also connect to like-minded communities at suppliers, customers, and the wild blogosphere.
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  Link Via Gurteen Knowledge-Log:

Web logging can serve many roles. Good article by Paul Andrews of the Seattle Times on "corporate weblogs" and their potential in organizations.

I checked the original: it dicusses Macromedia blogging. I was hoping for more examples :)

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