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  Sunday, August 11, 2002

  Time to reflect: my uses of weblog

I'm klogging for around 1,5 months, so it would be nice to reflect a bit about my uses of blog. So, I use it

  • for making notes about things I read
  • for saving pointers to the delayed reading. When I have time I add notes and remove the post from to read category
  • for capturing ideas and thoughts
  • for (occasional) reading news from others
  • as my representation in internet. At least I had something to refer to David Gurteen expressing my interest in knowledge-logs

So far this is not a tool to discuss my ideas with others - I'm not too active in blog-networking, I want to have a good content to share first and better usability. I wonder when it will come.

I have an unexpected effect as well - old friend was able to find me easily by googling (nice word he used :)

I'm not so happy with it as I could be - I want more flexibility in terms of customisation of my blog, and I don't have time to go into Radio technical issues.

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