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  Tuesday, July 23, 2002

  Knowledge cycle and different types of learning

Organisational perspective (supporting learning)

  • First, knowledge is created via reflection/ communication/ informal learning - hidden K
  • Then, it's recognised by an organisation as existing - mapped K
  • Next, channels to distribute this K are created - channelled K:
    • K in formal learning programs (organisation-wide, critical, more or less easy to transfer, larger chunks) - courses and so on
    • K in "KM sources" (specific, critical, smaller chunks, audience or pay back are not clear) - communities, knowledge repositories 
    • embedded K - procedures, core competencies, organisational structures and so on
  • Finally, people learn, so we get internalised K and apply it (used K)

Individual perspective (learning)

  • Recognised K gap (I don't have it, but I need it) - missing K
  • Finding K sources - located K
  • Learning
    • K in formal learning programs - formal learning + side: informal, incidental learning
    • K in "KM sources" - semiformal learning + side informal, incidental learning
    • embedded K - informal, incidental learning (could be formal or semiformal if explicitly included)
    • hidden K - informal, incidental learning
  • As a result - internalised K and - if we are lucky :) -  applied K

Ideas on the way:

  No Cyrillic :(

I got a reply from Radio support that having proper Cyrillic is not possible. Now I'm thinking should I have my "life" blog here or move it to Blogger. I have an account there from January.

So, for the time being - sunnyse.blogspot.com

More on: Radio 

  Being a foreigner

Just have been reading a bit of "want to have a brake" articles at expatica.com and found something to add to my never-ending discussion about Dutch/being a foreigner in Holland discussion with friends and colleagues.

From Dutch women fight stereotypes in the workplace:

/"Turkey and Botswana, for example, have a larger percentage of women in management and the professions, especially academic positions (than the Netherlands)./" Jessica Silversmith, a director of the Meldpunt Discriminate Bureau

Another one, Dating the Dutch, seems to give a good portrait of relationships with Dutch people. At least it would be shared by my friends, but probably not by Russian-Dutch couples from RUS-NL forum.

It gives this strange feeling again: you live in the country, you somehow love it as a home (even temporary), but still you notice all kinds of strange things around that are different and most likely doesn't make you happy. You can't become Dutch, but you have to adjust... This brings a very strange feeling, mix of hate and love:

  • they are different, I'm not like that and I don't want to be,
  • but I enjoy those "strange things" as part of living here, and most likely I will miss them at home (I wonder if I would miss biking in the rain :)

I can discuss a lot "those strange Dutch", and it even looks that I don't like it here. But for me it's not like that: to be able to love you have to know and to understand. For me those discussions are never-ending attempts to understand Dutch and they bring some "strange love for the strange country and strange people".

More on: cross-cultural 

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