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  Friday, July 19, 2002

  Becoming a scientist

Just thought that this is something that I definetely need: collecting things relevant for doing a PhD. I don't expect that I'll write often, but I definetely will write.

Interests so far:

  • writing in English
  • proper referencing
  • research methodology
  • scientific networking
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  Blogs and teaching

Some of gRadio posts on weblogging in the classroom:

I'm thinking about it for the courses I used to teach (missing that a lot!) - how I would use blogs? Some ideas (in terms of learning activities):

  • before class reading - reflection and questions; may be peer-review of that
  • probably not logging the whole session, but definetely brainstorming sessions and exersices (hmm, better option than slides --> web-site)
  • definetely student "takeaways" from each session
  • collecting links as an exercise
  • commenting on posts of others
  • keeping log of project activities; posting drafts and ideas for peer-review (I can do as well, but it's much better to have it reviewed by other students ;)
  • reflection on the course

Wish I would have a course to teach right now...

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  Be Creative Or Die

Cited citation :))) I should read the original after all those meetings today.

My theory uses the three T's: technology, talent and tolerance. You need to have a strong technology base, such as a research university and investment in technology. That alone is a necessary but not in itself sufficient condition. Second, you need to be a place that attracts and retains talent, that has the lifestyle options, the excitement, the energy, the stimulation, that talented, creative people need. And thirdly, you need to be tolerant of diversity so you can attract all sorts of people -- foreign-born people, immigrants, woman as well as men, gays as well as straights, people who look different and have different appearances.

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  Email vs. k-logging: from personal perspective

Hmm... Trying to cite it properly :)))

Email vs. k-logging. Email Email Everywhere.

E-Mail Storage Issues Facing North American Companies

According to a recently-released whitepaper from Osterman Research, 31% of North American companies say the average size of an e-mail mailbox in their message system is between 26 and 50 megabytes (Mb). Additionally, 46% of these companies say that e-mail users in their system send up to 50 messages per day....

There has to be a way for k-logging to help with this for at least a percentage of these people. Luckily, we don't have quotas in place at SLS or else my external email would be a real problem. Here I am with my own blog, I'm trying to move into k-logging, and I really haven't integrated email into that equation yet. How on earth am I going to get my staff to do this?

Are there any guidelines out there yet for how to integrate various information sources (web, email, chat, etc.) into a k-log, or is the format still too young?

[The Shifted Librarian]

» Too many good questions here I'm afraid.

My experience of KM leads me to expect that k-logging will not provide a turn-key answer to managing email.  What it will do is, in all practical terms, to kill email.  That's the solution.

Many of the business contexts for e-mail could be replaced by publish & subscribe RSS feeds and Wiki leaving e-mail purely for private correspondance.  If we could solve this spam thing too then you might see mailboxs drop back to pre-1996 levels again.

I'd be interesting to hear what other people think on this topic.

[Matt Mower]

Funny - those different citation styles :)

To the point - from my personal perspective k-logging can take over e-mail only in one case: if my people from my networks will use it too. I just started, but I have fun and enjoy it, I'm learning how to use it for communication as well. So, far I can subscribe to other posts, but these are new people. My people are not here yet. I don't know if/when they will join, so I rely on e-mail.

Think that it's something to do with Metcalfe's Law:

the value of a network grows by the square of the size of the network.

So, I guess I have to wait till "my people k-logging network" will be large enogh to provide more value than e-mail.

By the way, is it possible to subscribe to Radio RSS feeds by e-mail?

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