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  Thursday, July 18, 2002

  Scenario 1. Communities and courses

From the same paper (a bit more readable):

One promising direction seems to be to look for an alignment and synergy between communities and courses.

From one side, communities of practice are becoming a part of work processes and culture, so they should find their place in orientation programs for newcomers or courses that aim to cover community expertise area.

From another side, communitiesí knowledge and expert networks could be more than just a topic to study; they can help in shaping and delivering formal learning programs.

Community expertise could be used:

  • to define target and current competencies in a specific area,
  • to suggest priorities for developing courses,
  • to provide real-life examples and problems for learners,
  • to help with coaching programs or delivering courses,
  • to evaluate impact of training and so on.
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  Scenario 2. Personal KM/learning tools

Piece from a paper (for KM Summer School) I'm trying to finish:

At learnerís level formal and informal learning are interrelated, contributing in different ways to building knowledge and competency. From this point it seems to be logical to provide one point access to networking, learning and competency assessment tools, giving each knowledge worker an opportunity to manage his own knowledge and learning processes.

In practice this means providing a hybrid between learner home pages in learning management systems, personal KM tools and communication tools. Then learning object methodology could be used to provide personalised access to content of both learning and KM systems coupled with communication, feedback and assessment tools.

  KM metaphors?

Just posted this to our internal discussion tool:

Iím collecting metaphors that used to describe KM or specific aspects of it.

Gardening is the one that widely used (as a balance between natural development and purposeful intervening). Marleen Huysman had criticised it as plants are not active, they canít walk away, but people can. She suggested a farm (and stated that she is not happy with it at all).

Other people use ďglueĒ that suppose to connect different pieces of organisation into a whole.

Do you know more?

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