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Pitfalls of first generation KM

Post by Riva Gianluca:

…there are five problematic aspects which have been overlooked by first generation KM:

1)The concept of Best Practice. The usual idea of KM was that of Best Practice shared through databases. As a matter of fact, a Best Practice cannot be learned just because it’s stored in a Database. Learning is a gradual phenomenon, it requires human efforts and time, and a similar language and background between the teacher and the learner. A best practice is a social practice implemented by certain people in a certain organization in a certain environment. That is, a Best Practice is interaction between human/organizational/environmental elements, and this interaction is situated and idiosincratic, it cannot be transferred by Databases.

Can we find the way to get those who created a Best Practice as teachers? And then think how technology can help?

4) The concept of knowledge worker is ambiguous. As a matter of fact is often a matter of organizational strategy (for istance empowerment) rather than intrinsic qualities of people. People are knowledge workers if a firm allows them to think, rather than building techno-elites that can generate resistance and exclusionary mechanisms

As my mother says – “the sun is hidden in everybody” 🙂 So, then we should think about the ways of releasing this sun… Comparing to a classroom – all students can score high if you believe in their capabilities and support their growth.

Allowing people to think at first is a question of trust and believes, and only then right strategy and interventions.

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